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Tuesday Halolinks: Dan Haren Looks To Return To Awesomeville, Mike Trout Is Still There

Mike Trout is so fast he can steal second base from the on-deck circle.
Mike Trout is so fast he can steal second base from the on-deck circle.

We're over the opening night jitters Halolinks (oh, and file your taxes!):

  • Now that's more like it, great pitching and timely hitting: Angels 6, Athletics 0 - FOX Sports. "Morales hit his first homer in nearly two years and drove in four runs, and Weaver recorded his 1,000th career strikeout while pitching five-hit ball into the seventh inning of the Los Angeles Angels' 6-0 victory over the Oakland Athletics on Monday night.''I was happy he got around the bases in one piece,'' Angels manager Mike Scioscia said." Here's something that makes Weaver so special...besides being extremely talented, he seems genuinely happy to be in Anaheim, "Weaver struck out six, rolling his career total into quadruple digits when he fanned Josh Reddick in the sixth inning.''I've got them all in an Angel uniform, which is pretty great,'' Weaver said. ''
  • Let's see if Haren can get his crap together and stop giving up so many hits: Athletics-Angels Preview - Yahoo! Sports. "Haren will try to help the Angels win consecutive games for the first time this season Tuesday night against the Oakland Athletics.The Angels hope Monday's mound success will rub off on Haren (0-1, 6.97 ERA), who has allowed eight runs and 20 hits over 10 1-3 innings while striking out 12 in his first two starts." Another look at Haren's start tonight is here: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels - April 17, 2012 - Preview. "The right-hander has also failed to reach the sixth inning in back-to-back starts for the first time since July 2009. "With Danny, his first couple of starts, the ball has definitely been up a little bit," Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. "This guy's a total command guy, and he's uncharacteristically getting into some hitting counts."


  • I totally stole these from this site: Matt Wieters Facts. So please click that link so they don't sue me.
      • Scott Boras Hired Mike Trout As His Agent.
      • Once, Mike Trout Hit A Home Run That Only Measured 400 Feet, But It Landed In The Year 2078.
      • Mike Trout Tried Stand Up Comedy Once. His Joke: "I was once thrown out trying to steal second base." Seven Members Of The Audience's Heads Exploded Due To Laughter.
      • The Sun Rises When Mike Trout Decides To Wake Up.
      • Regression To Infinity - The Mike Trout Story
      • Mike Trout Sometimes Impatiently Homers From The On Deck Circle.
      • Even Atheists Believe In Mike Trout.
      • There Would Be More Mike Trout Highlights On SportsCenter, But Cameras Fast Enough To Record Them Don't Exist.
      • Mike Trout Once Stole Second, Third, And The Shortstop's Hat On The Same Pitch.
      • Mike Trout Went To The US Virgin Islands On Vacation, They Are Now Referred To As "The Islands".
      • Mike Trout Attended A Yankees/Red Sox Series Wearing His Angels Jersey. Both Teams Lost.
      • Mike Trout Is So Good, His Bobblehead Is Projected To Be A Mid-1st Round Pick In The Upcoming Baseball Draft.
      • Reggie Jackson Refers To Mike Trout As "Mr. Whenever The Hell He Wants."
  • This is both hilarious (much like boners) and sad: Photo of the Day: Cody Ross strikes out. Sorta. - HardballTalk. "It’s Fernando Rodney‘s pitches to Cody Ross, who struck out looking on a 2-2 pitch to end the Sox-Rays game. Though, really, it’s kinda hard to blame him for not swinging at these" Fernando Rodney still can't throw strikes, but why should he when the umpire behind the plate is completely blind?
  • Two days ago was Jackie Robinson Day: A Sabermetrican’s View of Jackie Robinson - Bugs & Cranks. "April 15th is a great day for baseball. On this day, the entire baseball world honors the legendary #42, Jackie Robinson. Jackie did so much for the game as a person, but the sabermetrician in me wants to quickly delve into how great a player Robinson was, statistically.In terms of Baseball Prospectus’ Wins Above Replacement Player stat (WARP), Robinson ranks as the eleventh-best second baseman of all-time, with 41.9 wins. In my opinion, Robinson is actually a top-5 MLB second baseman. Robinson wasn’t allowed to begin his Major League career until he was 28 years of age, which make his statistics that much more incredible."
  • And here's an interesting article about the real story behind Robinson's signing: Jackie Robinson’s Signing: The Real Story - Our Game. "The photos were perplexing. The momentous announcement of Jackie Robinson’s signing with the Montreal Royals took place on October 23, 1945. Before that date his recruitment had been a tightly guarded secret. Why, then, had a Look photographer taken such an interest in Robinson two weeks earlier? Where had the pictures been taken? And why was Robinson already wearing a Royals uniform?"
  • This is pretty awesome: The importance of Rick Ankiel’s throwing arm - The Washington Post. "The most remarkable defensive play from Monday night, the only one that drew a standing ovation, did not produce an out. In the sixth inning, with the bases loaded and no outs, Carlos Lee flied to intermediate center field. Rick Ankiel camped under the ball. Jordan Schafer, the Astros’ fastest base runner, stood on third." I would've embedded the video, but MLB still hasn't figured out that allowing other sites to post their content is actually a good thing. Anyway, here's the video, don't miss it: Houston Astros at Washington Nationals - April 16, 2012 - Video. "Rick Ankiel catches Carlos Lee's popup in shallow center and makes an outstanding throw home to prevent a sac fly in the sixth"
  • Oh, this is going to be good: Ask Rob - Hot Corner - Baseball Nation. "This time's the real thing. You send me some questions, and I'll answer some on the YouTube." Here's where you can send them.