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Kevin Jepsen Chokes in Angels Loss

The King of Bad Decisions.
The King of Bad Decisions.

Final Score in Anaheim: Oakland Athletics: 5, LA Angels: 3


To the Angels fans at his feet, the zen master asks... Why is Kevin Jepsen?

On the postgame show, some new dork with a ten-cent haircut in a hand me down suit is talking with Jose Mota about how great Torii Hunter has been hitting since that road trip ended. You know, the one that ended 49 hours ago. This after Mike Scioscia walked naked to the mound to take the ball from his post-Mathis teachers' pet Kevin Jepsen.

But Torii had two singles so accentuate the positive and prepare for crowds from 2001 and before if this gutless assembly of relief pitching and singles-slapping offense is all that will be trotted out for the formerly faithful.

And the worshipful questions from FSN West to Mike Scioscia after the game assures Arte Moreno that he gets a slobbering licking of the behind along with that $3 Billion. But we aren't suckers, the cheese in the fridge stinks no matter how gourmet the yuppie food supply chef said it was.

Eight singles and a solo HR by Vernon Wells on Albert Pujols bobblehead night. The bats and the bullpen have a grudge against Dan Haren. Is there any other rational explanation?

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