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Deep Colon Trouble for Angels

Baseball Burqas... The sensible act of covering one's face in public.
Baseball Burqas... The sensible act of covering one's face in public.

Final Score in Anaheim: Oakland Athletics 6 Angels 0


Former Angels pitcher Bartolo Colon took the mound at the Big A and made a meal out of the Angels bats. His former teammate Ervin Santana ate innings like a journeyman after surrendering a towering first-inning blast to Yoenis Cespedes that made the score 3-0 before and Angels hitter even gripped a bat-handle. Bartolo was in the strike zone all night, majestic with movement on the black of the plate. Ervin had his moments, but they came with the wind out of his sails, that first-inning blast a buzzkill of epic proportions.

No Angels batter could connect worth a hoot. Another science-fiction lineup form Mike Scioscia posited that the dead can walk, or at least step into the batter's box, heaven forbid these batters walk anywhere but right back to the pine after a quick Colon cleanse at the plate. Bobby Abreu leading off and playing Left Field is a great idea for any year of the George W. Bush presidency. But that joke isn't funny anymore, Mike.

The Angels are playing listless, lifeless ball, the pitching takes a one-run deficit as if it is insurmountable because... well, it actually is. The team managed three singles and a ninth inning Erick Aybar pinch-hit double. Maicer Izturis and Bobby Wilson had two of the three singles. They hardly ever play. Albert Pujols had a single and hit the ball to the warning track a few times. And still there is no sign of life beyond the tepid 25-Man roster employed in Anaheim.