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Freeway Series Halolinks

This might be my favorite photo from 2011.
This might be my favorite photo from 2011.
RexTMS emailed me that his roommate did not pay the internet bill, so here are my Freeway Series HaloLinks for you all. FIRST ...No Freeway Series should go by without a link to the only Dodgers-Angels blog, Rob McMillin's venerable 6-4-2 Blog. So Rob has a terrifying analysis of the fact that sports channels have been inordinately subsidized by all cable viewers paying for channels that they do not watch. As people abandon cable TV, us sports fans may have to dig deeper into our wallets to pay for the channels we watch. Really... just read...

6-4-2 Cable Money Analysis Part One

6-4-2 PART TWO ...Not a pretty picture.

Another blogger, JayCal at First2Third reminds us all of just how hard Frank McCourt continues to screw his team's fans: Frank McCourt to the Los Angeles Dodgers "I Drink Your Milkshake!"

A little Dodgers Angels trivia - a history of the trades between these two clubs from Baseball Reference: Trade History between Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim & Los Angeles Dodgers -

And now a little Angels puff piecery from the official site... most of the regulars split town early to go, NOT to Orange County but to L.A. ...that's what we get when hires out of town writers:

  • Most regulars headed back to LA Saturday With the Angels set for a three-game exhibition series in Southern California against the Dodgers this week, most of the club's regulars will break camp following Saturday's game against the Cubs and head back to Los Angeles.
  • And Jordan Walden is feeling great: Walden feels good to go for season opener Pitching back-to-back days for the first time this spring, Jordan Walden would have been just fine had he awoken Saturday morning to a bit of soreness in his right arm.
  • Ignoring Brad Mills in AAA possibly being promoted for a fifth starter showing on April 15, the Sacramento Bee says the race is between Garrett Richards and Jerome Williams for Numbah Five: A two-pitcher race for No. 5 spot in Angels' rotation ...In the Angels' spring training clubhouse, four lockers situated near the same corner are occupied by the bulk of perhaps Major League Baseball's finest starting pitching rotation.
  • Speaking of #5, Monkey With A Halo has a wonderful waxing on that very numeral... The secret powers of the number 5 ...To those aspiring athletes that will soon be returning to Salt Lake, Arkansas, the Inland Empire and Cedar Rapids, I have stumbled upon a trick that will certainly help you in your dreams of reaching the Angels main roster and playing the game you love under the lights of the Big A. Change your number. More specifically, change your number to 5.
  • And finally, Angels in Order traded baseball cards with one guy so much, he ended up getting every single last Angels card form the guy's collection: Troll's Out of Angels ...if that article makes you laugh, you might be a baseball nerd!

So explain to me how RexTMS emailed me that he had no internet if internet service was required to email me?