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Week 02 Results: swiss mcgee and jamatson reign supreme


Week 2 has ended and i have s'more results for you! This week, we had an average of 105 Angels fans play with 161 unique Angels fans taking part. Hope you're enjoying the games! (Both on the field and on the web)

To the results!

swiss mcgee and jamatson both earned 13 points to take the weekly crown. atlantangel and jsmeat92 weren't too far behind with 11 and 10 points (respectively). Find your standings for the week here.

Overall, here is how the top 5 look on for the pregame picks:

jamatson 20
scottnak 18
Andyman 17
angelslogic 17
Im4kiss 17
atlantangel 17

Of course... anyone can come in and swoop the lead though. So never give up. Find your current overall standing here.

If you see anything wrong, please be sure to post in the comments. New programs new possibilities of bugs!