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Tuesday Halolinks: Grab Bag O' Fun, Albert Pujols Still An Angel

"Hey Albert, 445 don't mean crap unless you can beat the marine layer."
"Hey Albert, 445 don't mean crap unless you can beat the marine layer."

Kind of a weird bunch of links today. It happens after an off-day, so we'll call this the "WTF Halolinks":

  • It's time to light this candle: Angels-Rays Preview - Yahoo! Sports. ""We're going to get going, it's only a matter of time," right-hander Dan Haren told the Angels' official website...The Angels are waiting for that to happen with Pujols. He's gone 16 games without a home run to open the season - a career worst in that situation - and is batting .246. He was 0 for 11 with three strikeouts over the weekend."
  • We love your confidence Albert: Pujols' homerless start just part of Angels' woes - Yahoo! Sports. "'Whenever it happens, whether it's going to be tomorrow or a month from now or two months from now, I don't know when, it's going to happen,'' Pujols said. ''I know I have power. I know I can hit the ball from corner to corner. I know all that, but I'm not going to think about getting caught up and saying, 'Man, I haven't hit a home run.' ... I have, what, 445 for a reason.'' 445 what? Trips to the batting cage? Hits on Weatherbug to check the marine layer? Hey Albert, 445 don't mean shit...


  • You know it was bound to happen: Rangers have the sweet look of greatness - ESPN. "The two most perfect teams of the past 15 years were the 1998 Yankees and 2001 Mariners. Those teams won 114 and 116 games respectively, as they steamrolled opponents with a combination of starting pitching, offense, bullpen, speed and defense. The Rangers remind of those two clubs in that I can't find a weakness."
  • This is what happens when one of the guys from Lone Star Ball get on camera..."Oh my god, a girl!":Blahablbhrrzzz_medium
    Wait, the Rangers do have a weakness, their fans are dorks! And the Game Seven third strikes. Oh, and the Yankees appear to be a weakness too: Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia and New York Yankees beat Texas Rangers - FOX Sports on MSN. "Derek Holland (2-1), the 25-year-old left-hander who signed a $28.5 million, five-year contract extension this spring, has never beaten the Yankees. He gave up seven runs and nine hits with four walks and one strikeout in six innings. Holland is 0-5 with a 9.26 ERA in seven career appearances (six starts) against New York. ''He's been very consistent. That's a pretty good lineup,'' Rangers manager Ron Washington said." But other than that, they're a pretty good club.
  • Phyzz!:
  • And Heaven rhymes with Halos...wait, what? Well, at least eleven rhymes with Heaven. - Royals Review. "Eleven straight losses. This was the sixteenth game of the season. The last ten losses have been at home." Do you realize, this is the team that beat the Halos two-out-of-three to open the season and now they can't win a game? Yeah.
  • Because everyone realized Mickey Hatcher is right! Moneyball baseball may be on its last legs - "In short, the concept of uber-patience at the plate — one of the benchmarks of Oakland's fabled Moneyball approach — is dead. "It's a different philosophy throughout the entire organization," said Ports manager Webster Garrison. "We want guys to be a little more aggressive, that is aggressive in the zone and not just taking pitches in order to get into the bullpen. We're swinging now to do some damage and score some runs." It's all becoming clear to me now.
  • Ugh (and I like the guy). Bryce Harper, Ian Kinser & More - Rob's Mailbag, Ep. 1 - YouTube
  • What would you do with that $2,000,000 you save on the purchase price? HUH. - Derek Jeter's NYC Penthouse. "Now that American baseball player Derek Jeter has put his NYC penthouse back on the market, we're able to have a little sneak peek inside. The 5,425 sq ft Trump World Tower is now available for $17.95m, after it had no interest at $20m, but that's still a $5m increase on what he paid for it two years ago when he bought it directly off Donald Trump. Inside you''ll find unspoilt 360-degree views of Manhattan, four bedrooms, 5 and a half baths, a fireplace, a huge dining room, and a games room."