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Angels Surrender to David Price in 5-Hit Shutout

The A is for <em>Apocalypto</em>, baby.
The A is for Apocalypto, baby.

The Angels laid down for a top-tier pitcher in a gutless display of flailing, looking, shrugging and hitting softly into the indoor Tampa Bay night air. The team is now 6-11. Ervin Santana gave up four solo HRs to the former Devil Rays squad. He allowed 5 ER in 6+ IP. The Angels had five hits total.

Does it get any worse than this? Yes. Yes it does. The Angels have to face the Rays two more times - The Rays are pretty much one of three other teams that they could be considered as competing with for a Wild Card berth (but that could be totally delusional considering the pile of garbage that Mike Scioscia trots out there each night). We'll face Toronto soon enough ...that might be it, some team could get hot, but the ALCS looks like it is taking place tonight in Arlington with actual teams that have hitters and pitchers all doing their jobs.

Anything else to make you more miserable than your starting pitcher giving up more HRs than any player on your team has hit? When you are excited about Hisanori Takahashi recording a strikeout in a scoreless inning and a third pitched you ay have hit rock bottom as a fan... but don't worry, this team is only beginning to yawn as the signs of life are only weakening with the easy part of the schedule (A's and O's at home) behind them.