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Just Another Albert Pujols 0-Fer in Angels Loss

Don't worry, it was totally foul, like everything else associated with Angels batters these days.
Don't worry, it was totally foul, like everything else associated with Angels batters these days.

They're just not that good. Even when they Angels rally late, their bullpen made sure to walk in an extra run ahead of time just to taunt our expectations of competitiveness.


But your #3 hitter is 0 for 3 with 2K and 2 LOB and your #4 hitter the same but with only 1K (in a crucial AB, though) and this is what you get: a 3-2 loss to an above average American League East team. Oh yeah time to get excited about Albert Pujols and a healthy Kendrys Morales batting 3/4 (March) Oh yeah time to get excited about the Kings, Lakers and Clippers int he playoffs (April). Arte, watch the Los Angeles entertainment dollar of Anaheim fly so fast north up the 5 freeway next month that it breaks the speed limit almost as quickly as it breaks your billboard-free bank.

Well tonight they actually took some pitches, I am looking at you Jose Mota, blabbering broadcast yokel with incomprehensible questions that are improvised without notes, tact or analytical precision. Last night Jose scorned the club for not taking pitches. Tonight some of them worked some counts and it didn't matter, they flushed away a great start by C.J. Wilson because, hey, they're just not that good.

Mike Trout is hitting over .400 and Bobby Abreu leads off, goes 1 for 4, leaves 4 men on base and is swinging out of the zone in acts of desperate flailing that have gutted any trade value he might have had if the Angel were to eat the remainder of his $9 Million salary. Maybe some of that is just speculation but there are three unavoidably absolute facts here:

  • The Angels are 6-12.
  • They're just not that good.
  • Mike Scioscia looked uglier than ever on the FSN West postgame interview and delivered his insulting clichés with absolutely zero conviction.

Back to the speculation that is inching toward obviousness:

  • When the wheels do come off, they are going to come off fast.
  • It is no longer if, it is just a matter of when.
  • A fight in the clubhouse with cellphone footage leaked to the internet might be the only thing that would warm an Angels fan's heart, but these pissant millionaires look way too gutless to even take their shirts off in front of each other.

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