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Should Angels Fans Keep the Faith?


For all the complaining out there, the 162-Game season is only 19 games old. Getting swept by the Rays today might be the Angels lowest moment yet, but there is no penalty for keeping the faith, other than suffering more disappointment. Come to think of it, the value of being a fair-weather fan is that the pain can always be avoided.

After a Jordan Walden walkoff this afternoon, the Los Angeles bandwagon of Anaheim may be dispersing before it ever really had a chance to form. And yet we still gather to cheer for the team precisely because these low points make the highs and titles all the sweeter, richer, all so much more worth it.

We might have to wait a while or we could see it turn around in a week. The struggle is not with losing, it is with the unpredictability of a game where one bounce of a ball a millimeter different literally changes the fate of cities, the fortunes of men and the affection of women.