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Angels at 6-14 After Bullpen Hemorrhage in Cleveland

I've seen this happen in other peoples' lives and now its happening in mine...
I've seen this happen in other peoples' lives and now its happening in mine...

Final Score in Cleveland: Angels 2, Indians 3


The Angels were up 2-0 going into the bottom of the 7th inning and for some inexplicable reason, reliever Hisanori Takahashi was called in to pitch with a lead. Jered Weaver had thrown way too many pitches and someone form the Angels bullpen would have to come in and Mike Scioscia picked the worst reliever to start the inning. The predictable results saw two runs then charged to Tacky Taki. No W for the Weave.

Despite 8 strikeouts, Weaver uncharacteristically walked 4 and allowed 7 hits, throwing 115 pitches in 6 shutout innings. He struck out Jack Hannahan in the 5th inning after a 12-pitch AB that might have been the key to Cleveland's game, and don't thing that scouts from other teams are not watching and advising their folks to play rope-a-dope with the Angels starters in order to get to the porous as all heck bullpen.

Albert Pujols had a hit and scored a run, yeah big whoop in the scheme of things, we'll call it baby steps in hindsight if it amounts to anything, the faith in you not being a senior citizen pension scam has left the LA of Anaheim faithful. During the game some thug broke a car window outside my house and I am talking to the cop taking the report and am giving a description of the guy and I explain that I was watching the television when the crime occurred and he says "Dodgers on already?" And I say, "No, Angels in Cleveland up two zip," and the cop says "Pujols earn his money yet?" and then he giggles. He giggles. There Albert, that is what you have amounted to: a punchline giggle. Thanks. And if that is not bad enough, I am being a good citizen for a car with Texas plates. As an aside, the thief looked like Nomar Garciaparra on a beach cruiser with a handful of crap he pulled out of the backseat of the Texas-plated Nissan. Isn't this oodles more interesting than discussing the team's 5th straight loss? Yeah, I thought so too. If the hood don't kill you it distracts you from other disasters.

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