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Does Tony Reagins Get Any Credit For This?

Tony's Guys.
Tony's Guys.

If the "Fire Scioscia" crowd cools down into the "Don't Give Scioscia Credit for Anything" crowd, well then, who does take credit for what the Angels produce? An amalgamation of men do. Jerry Dipoto and Arte Moreno can hope this criticism of the Albert Pujols move is short lived, and with confidence, but the sum total of their recent shopping spree in the success column is three of C.J. Wilson's starts.

Here is a video analysis...

Today saw the season debut of Mike Trout, a homerun by Torii Hunter, a dominant Win by Dan Haren and a 1-2-3 Save by Scott Downs. Former General Manager Tony Reagins was responsible for the acquisition of each of these players. A five game losing streak is broken and the current "Special Assistant to Team Chairman Dennis Kuhl" is still mentioned with venomous spite under the breath of every Angels fan.

You can get strident assigning blame. Scioscia, Butcher, Hatcher. You can point to patterns that paralleled a demise: Bud Black leaving, Joe Maddon leaving Ron Roenicke leaving, Peggy Duquesnel being replaced by John Carpino's used CD player. You can bemoan players now absent, trades not executed and free agents unsigned. But you will go craziest when the praise of those you despise is in order.