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Angels Bobby Cassevah Shoulder Rehab Going Great

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At San Manuel Stadium in San Bernadino on Tuesday, Halos Heaven's Blast21Dave caught up with Bobby Cassevah after the Angels reliever had thrown a simulated game as part of his comeback from a tear in his shoulder labrum.

Cassevah was one of the few bright spots in the Angels bullpen in 2011. He allowed 28 hits to the 157 batters he faced last season. His groundball-inducing sinker was on and working overtime, as he only gave up one home run in all that time on the mound.

His biggest weakness might be in location as he walked more than four batters per nine innings pitched (4.3 BB - 9 IP), but with an average of just over 1 Walk or Hit per Innings Pitched (1.1 WHIP), he earned his keep and then some in a pen that featured some notable slacking by everyone not named Scott Downs. His WHIP ranked 4th on the team, behind only Downs, Jered Weaver and Dan Haren. The caveat of only 39.2 innings pitched looms large as a sample sized warning, but still, with slim pen pickings, a healthy Cassevah may see time in Anaheim as soon as his labrum is able.