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GA or Grich: Angels Greatest Mustache?

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It is time for Top Grooming Moments in Angels History...


Instead of writing about an underachieving bunch of louts, let's look back on a more pressing historical question: Who had the greatest mustache in Angels history? I had to make the executive decision and remove Willie Fraser and Dave LaRoche from the running and even though Bryan Harvey's Mustache has its VERY OWN BLOG, I made this competition between to all-time franchise greats: Garret Anderson and Bobby Grich.

Before you vote in the poll, check after the jump and consider their contributions to grooming ...

Bobby Grich: This mustache predates the Tom Selleck Magnum PI 1980s mustache standard-bearer that it so resembles. One could argue that perhaps the baseball-loving actor shaped his 'stache to be more of a man in the model of the one and only Bobby Grich. The 1980s were America's digestion of the 1960s and 70s and nothing sums that up more than getting rid of that hippie scraggle and that disco-groomed Bee-Gees beard. The clean shaven 80s face needed a dense but focused symbol of masculinity. Bobby pioneered it, Selleck took note.

Garret Anderson: This work of precision engineering epitomized turn of the century cool before without a shread of irony. GA's extra stroke of blade to just under the nostril semiotically reinforces his approach to the game: the appearance of a minimum effort will have the maximum results and is actually hard work made to look easy, The almost adolescent slimness of GA's 'stache counter-intuitively attracts women looking for masculinity, but the promise of the virility of youth tends to outweigh the more traditional long-form 'stache of previous generations.

Look again...


So... which Angels player had the Top Grooming Moment (Mustache Category) in Angels History?