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Angels Top Prospects are Inland Empire 66ers

Los Angeles Angels infielder Taylor Lindsey (79) bats in the ninth inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium.
Los Angeles Angels infielder Taylor Lindsey (79) bats in the ninth inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium.

Final Score at Dodgers Stadium: Angels 8, Dodgers 3 ...Angels take freeway series two games to one. Next game is for real and it is on Friday!

Three Top Ten Angels Prospects, TWO recent First Round Picks and more... all interviewed by Blast21Dave for Halos Heaven at Media Day for the Inland empire 66ers (the Angels High-A Cal League affiliate).

C.J. Cron, Randal Grichuk, Taylor Lindsey, Nick Maronde and Jett Bandy all spoke with HH's B21D at San Manuel Stadium in San Bernardino on the day before the 2012 California League season began.

Special thanks to Sam Farber out at San Manuel Stadium in San Bernadino for organizing this media day event (Dave enjoyed Sam's post-event barbecue all too much!), and to Halos Heaven minor league guru Ryan Ghan for giving Dave a crash course in the most pertinent questions facing the key 66ers this season. Also thanks to 66ers pitcher Fabio Martinez-Mesa who answered questions for Dave but with some audio trouble on his take, I can happily report that he told Halos Heaven that his shoulder feels great and that his goal is to help his team win a championship.

The 66ers open their California League season at Rancho Cucamonga on Thursday night and their home opener at San Manuel Stadium is Thursday, April 12. Check out their schedule if you want to see tomorrow's Angels this year.


Halos Heaven was busy on the Game Threads during theses three Angels-Dodgers games. Check out the hundred posters who made it to the Freeway Series Roll Call:

Roll Call: ladybug, LanaBanana, Nizock, red floyd, ~MMP~, Commander_Nate, angelsfan7, Mayheminthehood, Angelsfan015, RexTookMyStash, Captain Thailand, blast21dave, eyespy, Darth Duane, Halofan4ever, maze88, UK Halo, sunsforlife34, highlandhalo, LAASurfin, foxpaw, Turks Teeth, PhiSlamma, NathanielS, The Limey, Suboptimal, cath619, Downing Rules, bobbinhead25, halosfan4ever, Oxygen48, Unclearnie, AngelsHIMYMfan, DAD OF VLAD, steelgolf, Quad Fin Rider, kacc56, justaguy92320, TheGodofRuns, JeffJoiner, Halowitz, the king of CERA, weaver_is_my_daddy, clover_black, opiejeanne, Halo Hurricane, matthiasstephan, K3YEROUT, trojanangelfan, scottnak, Nashdiesel, CaptainCarlos, gilbert, BrentSchmidt, mustard_man, Halos2011champs, AndyHogan14, HalosFanInNorCal, 44FAN, BrownLunchSack, MH252525, glausistheboss, angelslogic, Rev Halofan, angels_rally_mom, SLOfan, 5thStarter, LAA101010, angelsownredsux, TheKingfish, salmonforever, lightupthehalo29, No Bologna Polonia, lifegrind, yeswecan, Moondoggy, migfig, Jason Andrew Martin, YOUknowulovetheIE, HaloDanO, sheisalovelyladyandmyapologiestoher, HoustonHaloFan, Balls and Strikes, nicolasville, stuck in Romania, tanana40, NJinHB, mattwelch, GutterDem0n, ryanfea, ItCouldHappen, Henderson-Sports 06, HÅLOED_BE_THY_GÅME, RED SOX are #1 in my heart, Twenty Twenty Hindsight, bc56274, OMAHALO FAN, Raaddad, river-z, Rally Manatee
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