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Who Assembled the 2012 Angels?

A dozen years an Angel come September.
A dozen years an Angel come September.

Let's organize the 2012 Angels opening day roster by the people in the organization ultimately responsible for acquiring the players. Scouting directors get the amateur talent credited to their term. General Managers get the major league free agent signings and trades.

Donny Rowland (Scouting Director: November 1999 thru August 2003)
Signed Ervin Santana
Signed Erick Aybar
Signed Rich Thompson
Drafted Kevin Jepsen
Drafted Howie Kendrick
Drafted Bobby Wilson

Bill Stoneman (General Manager: October 1999 thru October 2007)
Traded for Maicer Izturis

Eddie Bane (Scouting Director: October 2003 - October 2010)
Drafted Jered Weaver
Drafted Mark Trumbo
Signed Kendry Morales
Drafted Peter Bourjos
Drafted Jordan Walden
Signed Alexi Amarista

Tony Reagins (General Manager: October 2007 thru September 2011)
Signed Torii Hunter
Signed Bobby Abreu
Signed Hisanori Takahashi
Signed Scott Downs
Traded for Dan Haren
Traded for Alberto Callaspo
Traded for Vernon Wells

Jerry Dipoto (GM: November 2011 - Present)
Signed C.J. Wilson
Signed LaTroy Hawkins
Signed Albert Pujols
Traded for Chris Iannetta
Signed Jason Isringhausen

There are no players on the roster who joined the organization prior to the great coup of 1999. Ervin was signed on September 2, 2000. Aybar and Thompson were signed in February of 2002. Jepsen, Howie and Bobby Backstop were drafted in June of that season. Donny Rowland was fired for insubordination in August of 2003. He had tried to organize a coup against General Manager Bill Stoneman.

Bill Stoneman's lone contribution to the roster reflects his stonefaced approach to trades: he just didn't do them. Roundly criticized for dumping Jimmeee Showboat Edmonds (despite yielding Adam Kennedy in the trade), he rarely pulled the trigger. His best trade is the gift that still keeps giving, where he acquired Juan Rivera and Izturis from the Expos a week before they became the Nationals. The best thing about the trade was that he was pretty much under orders to trade Jose Guillen, yet another insubordinate, and got quite a haul for his efforts.

Eddie Bane was scapegoated by the biggest clown not named Bavasi in club history, Tony Reagins. Bane also drafted Hank Conger, Garrett Richards and Mike Trout so his is the gift that should keep giving for years to come.

Tony The Clown Reagins made some bold moves form which we benefit and others by which we are tortured. Call him Coinflip the Clown and hope that as special assistant to Dennis Kuhl he keeps DeeKay's third floor office shower stall spotless. Jerome Williams at AAA is a bright spot waiting to return to the three ring circus of Anaheim that Tony left behind.

Jerry Dipoto looks to improve on the Reagins record and with one-fifth of the 2012 opening day roster under his watch and with Brad Mills in AAA.

Current Scouting Director Ric Wilson has served in the position since the departure of Bane. No player he has drafted or signed has reached the big club yet. The final two Angels drafted by pre-1999-coup Scouting Director Bob Fontaine played for the 2010 Angels. Can ya name 'em?