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Cheech Knows Beisbol Part 3

Cheech Knows Albert.
Cheech Knows Albert.

NOTE: Halos Heaven will be hosting a MUTECAST of the game beginning tonight at 7 PM. Mute your Television and listen to Angels fans call the game, call in and let everyone hear your takes on the Angels opening night!. TUNE IN AT THIS LINK!

In case you missed PART ONE and/or PART TWO of my interview with actor, comedian, art curator Cheech Marin, click those links, get up to speed and then wait for tonight's opener in Anaheim by watching Part Three of Cheech Knows Beisbol, a fun chat with a true fan.

Here Cheech discusses Sandy Koufax, Manny Ramirez and has some words of awe to describe the Angels signing free agent slugger Albert Pujols. Parts one and two covered territory as diverse as the old L.A. Angels of the Pacific Coast League playing at Wrigley Field at 41st Place and Avalon in South Central Los Angeles in the 1950s all the way through Cheech throwing out the first pitch for a Dodger game. Enjoy!