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Angels Awaken From 8-15 April Nightmare

APRIL IS OVER !! !! !! !!
APRIL IS OVER !! !! !! !!

CJ had a posse tonight...

Forgot to mention in that video that Mike Trout got his first hi of the season in his third game up, that Kendrys Morales was the driving force in the game and that the importance of the Chris Iannetta homerun as the difference maker cannot be understated. To leave well enough alone my oh my does Erick Aybar stink at the plate.

So yeah, CJ has a posse... spotted this on the train...


So of course I get into a deep discussion with CJ's friends about who invented "Straight Edge" in DC back in 1776 and one guys says Ian from Minor Threat and I say Dave Smalley from DYS and it is punk rock jeopardy nerd-out on the train platform to LA. Then I come home and find out the guy I was swapping rockpinions with is the lead singer of AFI (imagine arguing OPS versus WAR with some guy who later turns out to be Bill James). Rev out.