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Pick 6! More Pregame Gaming!

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If you're reading this post, you've probably seen something new on the website that has caught your eye. And perhaps you thought, "Pick6? What is this?!" Well, look no further... an explanation is on your way. It's another game that you can play before the day's game, that pits you against not only HH members, but the entire SB Nation network as well! So... let's get into the important part. What is "Pick6" all about?

Pick 6 is a daily pick'em game that pits you against other members of our community and the entire SB Nation network. Have you always wanted to prove your superior baseball knowledge on this site)? Now's your chance.

Each day, users can choose six players to fill out their daily roster: a catcher, corner infielder, middle infielder, outfielder, starting pitcher, and relief pitcher. The twist? Each user only has $120 of imaginary money to spend per day, and each player has a different cost. Player values are determined by their production and their popularity in Pick 6.

Successful users will strike a balance between expensive players and under-the-radar talent to take their lineup to the next level. Since this is a daily game there is no draft, no lengthy sign-up process - just you competing against fellow blog members for bragging rights.

It only takes a minute to Pick Your 6 each day - it's so easy to play! CLICK HERE ...and for future reference just go to the top left side of this blog and click on "Play Now" on the Pick 6 widget. Come back during and after games to see how you and your friends did.
For more information on how to play and how scores are calculated, please go to the Rules page.

Good luck and Play Ball! Play Pick 6 now.

Now... let's make this clear, Pick 6 and the usual Pregame Picks are completely different. There is no association with one another. You are free to participate in one, or the other, or both as you wish. The usual Pregame Picks are handled by myself and are focused on the Angels. Pick6 is handled by SBN and are focused on MLB as a whole. Similar concept, different focus, but still in the end is all about fun!

So, why not take a look and give it a shot. (And also don't forget to make your usual Pregame Picks).