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Disappointing Angels Season 20% Finished

The Past, The Present and The Future.
The Past, The Present and The Future.

Time keeps on slippin' slippin' into the future...

After 32 games, 20% of the season, and with a 14-18 record to show for it, the 2012 Angels show as many signs of life as they do signs of folding the tent before the circus ever really comes to town. Here is my analysis...

(Just watch the damn commercial)

While there are worldbeater Starting Pitchers there are underwhelming old men stepping up to bat. For every Mike Trout promotion and Ernesto Frieri acquisition there is a Vernon Wells appearance in the lineup, a Hisanori Takahashi inning pitched. If you gotta take the bad with the good, could the good be more of the great then, instead?

Losers like Abreu, Thompson and Jepsen are gone but underachieving Bobby Wilson remains while Hank Conger rots in Salt Lake. Mark Trumbo and Kendrys Morales jockey for position on a nightly shuffle that sees mediocre players awarded with 4 PA per game per night. And yet... in all of this mess, there is some hope the pieces will fall into place.