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Angels Chris Iannetta Wrist Surgery = Dominoes Begin Falling

<em>...Iannetta in action...</em>
...Iannetta in action...

The Angels announced that Catcher Chris Iannetta will undergo wrist surgery and be sidelined from six to eight weeks.

Here is my analysis of how this affects the roster:

Suddenly the Angels are rumored to be (LINK) shopping Peter Bourjos to the Nationals with other teams lining up to bid on the young outfielder.

Are the dominoes about to fall? Six weeks of Bobby Wilson and a minor leaguer every four games is not going to cut it. Iannetta was not a world-beater at the plate but he was serviceably mediocre with glimmers of getting better. It is not like Mike Scioscia to be deprived of his catching pets. Hank Conger would be ready for his fifteen minutes of hardball had he not strained his elbow in Salt Lake in late April. Far be i form the Angels to get an injury at a position in which they are deep. If this was a wrist injury to Vernon Wells, no dominoes would fall amidst the cheering but big Vern. Instead the old logjams ossify as trade dominoes fall all around them.