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Nevermind the Pennant Here's the Angels

Do you have a problem with authority?
Do you have a problem with authority?

Final Score in Anaheim: Major League Team in 2nd Place: 5 ...Angels: Just Another Goose Egg.

Will the last season ticket holder who storms out of the stadium in disgust over the zombie walking flesh pretending the glorious Sciosica Aughts are still at hand please, PLEASE turn out the lights...

Dan Haren threw 106 pitches in 6 innings. That is going to gas you faster than anything else and it is looking like a long long season ahead. Perhaps Dan will look good at the trade deadline. Maybe Ervin Santana too...

Did I say trade deadline? Last night in studio on Angels Talk, during the break, Brian Ilten of, Eric Denton of LA Angels insider dot com and myself were guests of host Jason Brennan and we all tried (in vain) to explain to Morgan Spokny that fans don't start discussing the Wild Card this early in the season.

After tonight, Angels fans may be ready to discuss rebuilding the whole franchise. There was nothing redeeming in this game save for its conclusion and even that lingered out a little too long.

To brighten the mood, allow me to congratulate TURKS TEETH on becoming a father on Mother's Day.
Andrew aka TURK, his daughter, born Sunday, and wife are all doing fine - or at least they were when he emailed us the news before tonight's game.


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