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Eppard Shepherds Some Offense! LA Angels Top Chicago White Sox 7-2

Welcome aboard, Smiley!
Welcome aboard, Smiley!

Jerome Williams took the mound and took yet another step towards Comeback Player Of The Year, holding the White Sox to only 2 tough runs on 10 hits. And that second run would NOT have happened had Mike Scioscia played Peter Bourjos on PBJ Bobblehead night instead of sticking to Vernon Wells. For the absent, Wells barely missed catching up to a Gordon Beckham fly ball, one that a Mike Trout would have nabbed had Trout been in Left with a Bourjos in center. Meanwhile, Peter Bourjos went from being consigned to handing out his own bobble at the gate to pinch running for Trumbo late in the same game. Petey deserves some serious extra credit for that.

But, hey, who are we to quibble? Wells made good on the night himself going 2 for 3 with a 2 run homer to blow the game wide open in the 6th. And...lookie here!!!...Albert Pujols ripped a 3 run HOME RUN(!?) to catapult the Halos into a lead they would never relinquish!!


The REAL amazement of the night, however, was how well the top of the order performedon an evening void of the typical SoCal evening humidity that delivers the infamous marine layer and befriends all night game pitchers. The top 5 batters went an astounding 10 for 19 with one walk against only 3 strikeouts. Coincidence happening on the first game with a new hitting coach? Hell to the yeah!!! But for just one night, at least, let's all bask in the glorious return of that Spring Training offense that got us so hyped back in April. Feels damned good, doesn't it?