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Will Mickey Hatcher Axing Ignite Angels Urgency?

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Stick Around Dino...
Stick Around Dino...

I was in the shower, thinking about the sense of urgency that a firing in the workplace creates in the other workers...

Mickey Hatcher was fired as batting coach for the Angels. He didn't take an AB for the team in all his time here and one could argue that his dismissal is no guarantee of an offensive improvement based on the impossibility of quantifying events outside of the chalk lines. The reality is that a former Dodgers player had to go and it was not going to be Mike Scioscia. Check back if we fall fifteen games behind the Rangers.

But a firing of a longtime and loyal employee does do something. It may not be recorded as a number in a column, but this thing it does can be described in one word: certainty. There is now a certainty in the Angels clubhouse that changes will be made of things do not change.

The firing of Hatcher might make Angels players party one hour less, hook up with three fewer groupies a month, put in an additional hour in the gym every day, buy Jobu a glass of rum, work agility drills, study more video or simply focus on the goal of winning as a team. The only number this can be manifested as is the digits under the W.