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Jered Weaver No Hitter is Angelic

Los Angeles Angels starter Jered Weaver (36) pitches against the Minnesota Twins at Angel Stadium.
Los Angeles Angels starter Jered Weaver (36) pitches against the Minnesota Twins at Angel Stadium.

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 9 Runs, 15 Hits ... Twins 0 Runs and NO HITS with only two Left On Base.

Jered Weaver tosses a Complete Game shutout at home in front of 27,000, a no-hitter for the faithful, the first time the Angels have won three in a row, a three game sweep of the Minnesota, the club's first sweep of the season.

The Angels offense was on, scoring early and often. The nine runs and fifteen hits were both season highs. But the story was all Weaver. He made a point of addressing the fans after game with a microphone on the field to underscore that sharing moments like these with his family and Southern California fans was why he took a steep discount to sign a contract extension with the Angels.

While Weaver fielded the postgame questions from Victor Rojas over the stadium PA, catcher Chris Iannetta got stuck with the nervewracking postgame jock talk of FSN-West's John Jones, to which the veteran catcher was all compliments to THE WEAVE: On Weaver having it tonight: "He has it every night" On a dumb question about whether Iannetta was nervous about mesisng up "Jered makes it easy".

Veteran of broadcasting two other no hitters including last year's Ervin Santana non-shutout in Cleveland, telecaster Rojas said "Weaver left a lot of money on the table and it makes it the sweetest no-hitter I've called."

Weaver threw 121 pitches, 77 of them for strikes. he struck out 9 and only walked one. With the Jerome Williams complete game yesterday, it was the first time Angels pitchers threw back to back complete games since Chuck Finley and Mark Langston did it in 1993. Consider that C.J. Wilson was cruising until he had a lousy 3-run 8th inning in Monday's win and it could have been the trifecta.

Perhaps even more extraordinary is that Mark Trumbo played 3B, fielded well and was left in the game late by manager Mike Scioscia, who made no defensive replacements.


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