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Week 06: Btown100 and Gorbachov5 streak to the top

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Week 6 has come to an end and 115 people joined in, with an average of 79 HH fans per day comin' by to join in before every game.

There were lots of points given out this week, as Btown100 and Gorbachov5 both excelled by scoring 15 points. In fact 18 other people scored in the double digits, so there were lots of points raining down. Check how you did here.

And of course, given how tight the overall results, scoring 15 also catapulted Btown100 to the front. Now leading the pack, and Gorbachov5 is right behind, trailing by 2 points. Oxygen48 is in 3rd, followed by LanaBanana and Saves_the_j tied in 4th. Find where you stand here.

As for Pick6, Frank158369 is now has the lead in the overall game and is 37th overall. See how everyone has done for the week after the jump

The Pick6 top 10 looks like the following:

1 Frank158369 297.8
2 Twenty Twenty Hindsight 259.5
3 dabird22 252
4 Erick Danielsen 236.9
5 SLOfan 236
6 Danzot 228.7
7 LightThatBabyUp 227.9
8 blast21dave 220.9
9 Material541 217.3
10 1964 216.5