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Would Confronting the Angels De-Slumpify Them?

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Lotta Empty Seats...
Lotta Empty Seats...

What if you could confront the Angels about how terrible they are doing?

Well... I just happened to realize that they might be pulling up to their road hotel after a miserable 2-1 loss to the Athletics and the need to coach them, to scold them and to insist they do better got the better of me Monday night...

In addition to advising against screaming in your hotel room as you produce a video late into the evening, I also advise against sidewalk agitation of your team's players as they are on their way in from another day at the office.

In other news, from my fourth row seats behind the Angels dugout I saw Bobby Cassevah and Kole Calhoun among the fray at the game's outset. Cassevah will be making his season debut for the club when he appears in a game ad Calhoun's first footstep onto a field in uniform will be his major league debut. When the lack of appearances by non-starting rehab returns and prospect fourth outfielders standing outside the dugout for the National Anthem are your highlights, your team is in a trench.