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Friday Angels Comeback a Game of Firsts

FOUR IN A ROW ! ! ! !
FOUR IN A ROW ! ! ! !

Friday's dramatic come from behind win included many firsts for the Angels this season...

It was the first time the Angels win after trailing in the 7th inning

It was the first time the Angels have won four straight games this season

It was Howie Kendrick's first ever pinch hit appearance, and first pinch hit.

It was Albert Pujols first three run HR as an Angel

It was Kole Calhoun's first major league stolen base.

I am not going to bother looking to see if it was Mike Trout's first 0-5 game of the year, ugh.

It wasn't the first time that Erick Aybar bunted straight back to the mound in a critical situation in his career, ugh, but it was the first time that the outcome of said Aybarian sacrifice was positive, as an errant throw by the Seattle pitcher led to the tying run scoring.

It wasn't the first time an Angels starting pitcher walked 7 batters and didn't get the loss but let's not go there.