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Week 07: Chone's Chonies reigns supreme!


Week 7 featured 113 unique HH players, with an average of 76 player per game!

This week was a bit harder to score points as there was only an average of 3.27 points per game, and this week's leader Chone's Chonies led the pack at 9 points. 4 others were tied at 8 points, just missing the top mark. Find where you stand here

Overall, btown100 was able to keep the crown and stay on top with 49 points. Oxygen48 is right behind with the amount of points his username has. Gorbachav5 is behind him by 1 point... and Lanabanana is right behind by another point... and scottnak is right behind by? you guessed it, a single point! And Bacalao is just another point behind. It's a tight race! Find where you stand here.

As for pick6, this week's results looked like this:
1 WiHaloFan 272.9
2 VPBOB 268.0
3 Erick Danielsen 237.5
4 Ant Fan 233.2
5 jsal 220.5

And in fact, on the 20th, dabird22 was the overall leader for the day and beat every single person on SBN. Congrats to him. He is also the overal leader for HH, with WiHaloFan just behind! Here's how it looks:
1 dabird22 922.4
2 WiHaloFan 912.8
3 SLOfan 824.1
4 Ant Fan 804.8
5 drtrix 794.3