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Jered Weaver Back Injury After 12 Pitches

MIke Scioscia stares at his job walking slowly away...
MIke Scioscia stares at his job walking slowly away...
Angels Ace Jered Weaver left the field in the first inning yelling the F word at the top of his lungs. He had thrown his twelfth pitch of the game, a strike to Robinson Cano and limped a little after landing on the mound in what appeared to be quite a regular pitching motion. It was announced by the club that Weaver had "a lower back issue" according to Angels announcer Victor Rojas on the FSNW telecast.

The game had started in an un-Weaverian fashion with two quick basehits. A seeming double play routine grounder was bobbled by Erick Aybar to load the bases. So without recording an out, Weaver was gone and Bobby Cassevah took the mound in emergency relief. The Yankees plated all three of the initial baserunners but because of Aybar's error and a throwing error by Cassevah, none of them were earned.

If you have Weaver on your fantasy team, his WHIP for today was infinity. If you an Angels fan, stay tuned to learn when you can stop holding your breath.