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Jered Weaver Joins Long Angels No-Hitter History


For a team that is playing in its 53rd season, the Angels have had more no-hitters than one would assume. Here is my breakdown and some analysis of how tonight's game steers the 2012 Angels in the right direction.

Six pitchers have been involved in nine no-hitters over the years for the club. Jered Weaver became the seventh on the list and added the tenth to club lore. Check out this eclectic list...

Bo Belinsky pitched a no hitter against the Orioles for the Angels in 1962, the first no-hitter ever thrown at Dodger Stadium (the first major league no-no ever on the West Coast), then the home stadium for the Angels as well. Weaver broke Belinsky's Angels rookie record of winning six starts before his first loss in 2006.

Clyde Wright pitched a no-hitter against the A's at then-Anaheim Stadium in 1970. He was in attendance at Weaver's gem Wednesday night.

Nolan Ryan tossed four no hitters (against the Royals, Tigers, Twins and Orioles) for the Angels, two of then in the 1973 season, one in 1974 (also against the Twins) and one in 1975, the last one pitched at Angel Stadium of Anaheim prior to Wednesday night's historic event. Weaver's win helped the Angels gain a game in the standings against the Rangers, which Ryan now owns.

Mike Witt pitched a no hitter. It was the only perfect game in Angels history. It was on the final day of the 1984 season against the Rangers.

On April 11 1990 Mike Witt became the only pitcher in baseball history to be part of a perfect game and a combined no-hitter when he pitched the eighth and ninth innings in relief of Mark Langston, still under a tight pitch count so close to Spring Training.

It took 21 years but the next no-hitter took place on July 27, 2011 in Cleveland when Ervin Santana no hit the Indians. This is the only no-hitter in Angels history that was not a shutout.

Add Jered Weaver's 9-0 no hit victory over the Twins to the list.