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Angels 18-11 May Salvages October Dreams

One of Trumbo's big balls.
One of Trumbo's big balls.

Here is my video analysis of where the Angels stand right now...

In May of 2012, the Angels went 18-11 and as offensive consistencies began to click for many members of the club, they appeared to be a team that could sustain a record like that on a monthly basis.

The Good:

Mike Trout's all around play: hitting for average and power, speed on the basepaths and jaw-dropping defense.

Albert Pujols awakening

Mark Trumbo evolving into a much better all around hitter

Dan Haren showing up

C.J. Wilson all around

Ernesto Frieri still with a no-hitter as an Angel

Scott Downs still runless.

The Bad:

Erick Aybar has fallen asleep with the stick and the glove

Catching is just a black hole offensively and nothing to gloat over Mathis about

Ervin Santana looking grea- - - oh was that another homerun...

The AWOL Peter Bourjos bat.

The Ugly

Jered Weaver walking gingerly off the mound

Bobby Cassevah's beard

Rooting for Vernon Wells to stay longer on the DL than announced.