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RIP MCA Beastie Boys Adam Yauch

Adam Yauch, better known as MCA of the Beastie Boys has passed away at age 47 from cancer. In addition to creating genre-busting music with an apocalyptic cross-cultural impact, he was an impassioned activist against the subhuman Chinese Communist party's murder and repression of the Tibetan People.
ROLLING STONE published his obituary earlier today.

Sometime early in the 2002 season, after a Rally Monkey-led big comeback win by the Angels, the stadium DJ played the Beastie's Brass Monkey as the elated crowd cleared off into the night. It seemed so appropriate, so joyful and yet so brash and unapologetically raging in sheer conquest that it defined to me a lot of what that season was about.

I linked Brass Monkey here because of that connection and seeing as everyone else is going to post the Sabotage video (as it is the greatest music video of all time) and this vid did no have commercials, here ya go.