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CJ Spells Cold Justice for Jays, Angels 1-0 When El Cinco Sits

<em>No Canada!</em> CJ Wilson plants his flag on American soil, delivering a desperately needed victory for the Angels faithful on Cinco de Mayo.
No Canada! CJ Wilson plants his flag on American soil, delivering a desperately needed victory for the Angels faithful on Cinco de Mayo.

No Pujols necessary. Los hijos were the heros tonight: 6-2, Angels win.

Feel that eternal present, kids, because while the recent past is barren, and the future uncertain, this Saturday night is all holiday magic, and damn if we don't need it as badly as Mexico needed that Puebla miracle to deliver some righteous kicks to a would-be Frenchie empire.

And that would-be empire? It left Canada high and dry too, just like CJ Wilson did tonight, doing Toronto dirty with a downlow game pitch and 24 sweet outs.

No Canada! This land is ours.

And maybe something was up with that plushy simian under the sombrero too, because the Angels refused to give it away tonight.

Take a snapshot while it's still warm. In a night for the young, Trout and Trumbo are each hitting one out as El Cinco sits and pouts. Meanwhile, CJ Wilson is warhammering much-needed outs in a rare-enough Cinco de Mayo victory for nuestros mejores Ángeles.


These new guys, yeah, they're rough around the edges, but they're showing some promise.

C.J. Wilson had some dodgy innings, walking three, given blue balls by an umpire stingy low in the zone. But then he strikes out nine over eight. How 'bout them fractions? He's 4-2 with a 2.61 ERA after this game, and that speaks plenty on a team six games under the mediocre middle.

Mike Trout flops silly in his first at bat, whiffing like a greenhorn without a prayer, then proceeds to hit a longball to left center in the fifth after making adjustments. In the eighth, he delivers a line drive to Rajai Davis, resulting in a chest-first double that was all wheels. Final proceeds on the night? Two runs, two RBIs (including a deep sac fly in the fifth), and is our children learning?

Ernesto Frieri walks the first guy he sees, demonstrating why he has an xFIP almost two runs higher than his career ERA, and then subsequently proceeds to strike out the next three in order. That's his game, folks. No-drama it ain't, but he does get results.

And yeah, there's still a lot of gross stuff here. Despite three Toronto errors, five free passes via the walk, and thirteen hits, the Halos scored only six. They left 27 men on base, one-full-third of that coming from Howard Kendrick, who went oh-for-5 in a regressive and disappointing performance. They hit into three double plays, showing extreme vulnerability against Kyle Drabek's power sinker, when it managed to come anywhere close to the zone.

But who am I to piss beer on holiday cheer? The boys pulled it out tonight, and viva la vida dear Frida for that.