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Week 4 results - YOUknowulovetheIE leads the week!

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Well, this week has gone a bit better for the Angels... we can all be a little more happy about that. This week's stats: 139 fellow HHers played along this week, (with about 91.1 players per game).

In addition to our pregame picks, SBN's newly introduced game Pick6 started on Tuesday! While today's results have not been tabulated yet. 91 players came by and gave it a shot. And in fact, Halos Heaven (as a group) did the 2nd best on opening day, scoring an average of 37.37 points. In fact, dabird22 is 10th overall across SBN. Keep it going! Full results for Pick6 can always be accessed on the left side of HH!

But back to the main program. For week 4, YOUknowulovetheIE reigns supreme by scoring 11 points (even with missing two games). blast21dave and Halo Hurricane were right behind at 9 points. Followed by 4 people at 8 points. Weekly results can be found here.

Overall, the leader has changed once again (in fact, no player has kept the top spot yet!). scottnak (... that's me) is on top with 29 points. Andyman and Saves_the_j are right behind with 28. And angelslogic and btown100 are on their tails with 27. To see where you stand... click here.