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Albert Pujols Homer Leads to Angels Win



The Angels split a four game series with the Toronto Blue Jays in a sloppy squeaker 4-3. Free Agent superstar Albert Pujols hit his first homerun as an Angel, a two-run shot that was the difference.

Fifth Starter Jerome Williams got the win with 6.2 innings of watching the ball bounce mostly toward Angel gloves. A throwing by Pujols cuased that third run to eventually make its way in so all is not perfect and much can be worked on, but the small load is off the shoulders of the man penciled in as the savior of west coast baseball.

In seeking the save, closer Scott Downs was injured fielding a sharp liner with one out in the ninth inning. He had to be assisted of the field. LaTroy Hawkins caught a liner back at him and tossed to Pujols at 1B to double pinch runner Jeff Mathis to end the game, a fitting tribute to the former Angel garbage who never bothered to clog up the bases much when he wore the halo.