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Callaspo Powers Weaver to Hittable Angels Win

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Final Score in Minnesota: Angels 8 Twins 3


If I told you that a hitter on the Angels named Albert had 3 RBI in the game including an early 2-run HR that set the pace, you might get excited too soon before finding out it was Alberto Callaspo and not Albert Pujols. But, yes it is true, it was the Angels part-time starting 3B batting in front of the superstar free agent 1B who got the job done today.

Jered Weaver pitched 6 taxing innings and might have been able to go longer after only throwing 89 pitches, but with a four-run lead, Mike Scioscia rolled the dice that the triage ward masquerading as a bullpen would do the job and the dice came up a winning snake eyes as only two runs were allowed over the final three innings. Jason Isringhausen closed out the ninth but it was Jordan Walden pitching a high leverage moment with two outs in the 8th.

When the Angels scored their fifth run in the top of the 7th, Scioscia peeked ahead to the upcoming weekend series in Texas knowing that Weaver has yet to have even an extra day of rest this season, with 110 pitched+ being the norm for the staff ace. In postgame comments, Scioscia told FSN-West that Weaver was just not as sharp tonight. With great defense being the norm for most of the evening, including a nonchalant smash into the CF wall by Peter Bourjos, the manager got away with letting his pen do more than mopping.

And let's hear it for the classy Minnesota fans who gave Weaver a standing ovation when he finally did allow a hit. As the world seemingly grows cruder, politeness and civility become the radical gesture in favor of humanity.

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