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LA Angels Follow Dan Haren Into The Abyss, Surrender to Twins 0-5

Yeah, Dan, you are really sucking right now. And I ain't talking about what you have in your mouth
Yeah, Dan, you are really sucking right now. And I ain't talking about what you have in your mouth

And it wasn't even that close. Or that interesting.


For the record, as of this writing Albert Pujols has fewer HITS OF ANY KIND for the entire month of May than Josh Hamilton hit as home runs in today's game alone.

Other fun facts: Torii Hunter struck out three times. Alberto Callaspo left a pair of LOBsters, as did Erick Aybar. And Vernon Wells picked up another base hit to extend his participation in the Daily Lineup Membership Club for the next couple of weeks. And, for the Love of God, can somebody do a lookup and figure out exactly how bad the Halos hit against rookies in their first appearance against them? Are they the worst team in baseball at this, as we fear? Are they really that much worse than they are against guys they have faced before, as we suspect?

On the plus side, for whatever this is worth: Trout got one of the four Halo hits. And Trumbo got another of the four Halo hits. You know...the guys assigned for platooning.

Isn't baseball fun!!

REVHF NOTES: I pre-programmed a postgame thread for 8:40 PM instead of 7:40 PM so thanks to Stirrups for showing up with this postgame report. Here is the meat of what I wrote:

At least David Pauley looked good. Down n Arizona Joe Saunders is a world beater the stat analysts said was impossible but in this new era of statistical analysis, pitchers can read about their tendencies and actually maybe possibly change their approach instead just dumbjocking themselves into a cul de sac of the same shit. Get a clue, Quantuum Bill James. Meanwhile Dan Haren regresses.

Tip your cap to Neil Diamond, dude hasn't had a hit since 1981 and he shuts the Halos down like they were a one hit wonder.