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Mike Scioscia Tossed in Ervin Santana Victory

VooDoo at Night.
VooDoo at Night.

Final Score in One of the Twin Cities: Angels 6 Twins 2


In their 32nd game of the season, the Angels won their sixth of nine total games played against the Twins. Ervin Santana was strong despite being mercilessly squeezed by a human tumor behind the dish.

Manager Mike Scioscia was tossed out of the game for arguing Balls and Strikes. The fix was in with the home plate umpire refusing to give a strike call to numerous obvious balls in the zone. Home Plate Umpire Sam Holbrook had the kind of pathetic, obviously biased strike zone that would imply he was taking payoffs from mobsters. He tried to destroy Santana by laughably squeezing the Angels right-hander, but it was Ervin's night and the weak-swinging Twins sped the game along in the Angels favor. Sam is not a pro game thrower, people get bumped off for trying to deliver a pitching meltdown that turns instead into a fun time for the road team. Carl Pavano served up a helping of belt-high fatties that turned into Angels hits and then runs.

Mike Trout was 3 for 5 with a double and two runs scored, Howie Kendrick had three hits, Alberto Callaspo had a douuble and 2 runs scored and two other Angels had two singles apiece, Albert Pujols and Erick Aybar. Aybar also flashed some amazing leather on behalf of Ervin's effort that even Sam the Squeezer - innocently incompetent or conspiratorially bribed - could not harm.

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