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Mike Trout Reels Halos Closer to Rangers in Angels Win


Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 4 Rangers 2 Pre1_medium

Imagine the conundrum of the Rangers fan. If she or pre-op he decides to minimize the damage Mike Trout did against human trafficker Alexi Ogando and his facial foetal growth, they are basically admitting that their fastball on a rope middle relief is a death sentence to their postseason hopes in 2012. If the Arlington fanbase stands by Chaka from Land of the Lost, I mean Ogando, then they would have to admit that Trout is a true talent to get to Rangers close-game arms and can look forward to being stabbed in the face by the KidFish for a decade to come.

Conundrum might have too many syllables in it for the average owner of a Josh Hamilton jersey to comprehend, and that dear friends is our conundrum: rubbing-in anguish to an undeserving, unclever opponent. Oh well, the Dallas Cowboys have preseason workouts in a few days, so the fairweather DeerGoatWhatevers may dissolve faster than Ron Washington's club on the field.

The Angels beat the Rangers to pull to 4.5 games behind the Texas sideshow that has hit a .500 pot hole since a hot April cooled down considerably. Trout was 3 for 4 with 3 RBI and scored the other run in the Angels 4-2 win over Nolan Ryan's mistake. Fifth Starter Jerome Williams, the last good thing Tony Reagins did in his time on Earth, pitched 7 solid innings of 2-Run ball. He benefited from three (count 'em three) double plays, each one of the 4-6-3 variety. and the Angels bullpen of glory in the persons of Scott Downs and Ernesto Frieri nailed the 5-games-back coffin shut.

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