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Sloppy Angels Sweep Rockies in Denver


FINALE SCORE IN COLORADO: Angels 10, Rockies 8


The fact that Ervin Santana got the win in the sloppiest pitching performance of the 21st century should geld forever the argument that pitching wins indicate a damn thing.

The Angels swept the Rockies in an interleague road series that should inspire a roster-shaping flurry in the Colorado front office. Avoid Santanaesque arms while isolating and signing bats like Mark Trumbo and Torii Hunter.

Trumbo had two three-run homeruns while Hunter kept his two-hole hitting alive with a resurgent 3 for 6 game with a two-run HR and 3 RBI.

Santana looked gutless giving up six runs with two outs, especially in the 2nd inning with a 6-1 lead where he walked the Rockies pitcher before opening the floodgates. It was positively Langstonian in its lack of guttage for those veteran Angels fans who remember the bad old days of overpaid mediocrity. but the bats gave Puffy-Voodoo-Daddy a Double-Yu, something Arlington's Yu could not get from his posse on the interleague road, so there.

Mike Trout leaves Denver having gone 8 for 14

Torii Hunter went 9 for 15

Albert Pujols went 6 for 13

The broom cleans Colorado in preparation for Chavez Ravine. Angels are three back in the West.