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Meet Baseball Insiders Matt Klentak and Dan Evans at Angel Stadium

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THIS Saturday, There is a Baseball Prospectus ballpark event at Angel Stadium, and Sam Miller of B-Pro just reminded us to encourage you all to come out. Sam himself spelled out the reasons and the reasons are pretty simple:

1. The Angels' Assistant GM Matt Klentak will be there, answering your questions. Klentak is some kind of 31-year-old genius. He was a starting shortstop in college, and that college was Dartmouth, so, you know, he's gotta have that cool jock/brain balance.
2. I did the San Diego BP event recently, and the cost to go was around $30. The ticket to the game that it came with was $39. So it's a total bargain (and tickets for Saturday's event are only $27 this time!) .
3. Dan Evans, who was the GM for the Dodgers before Paul Depodesta and who is now Hank Conger's agent, will be there, which means you can watch a game while sitting next to a GM. This is an unbelievably cool experience. At the San Diego event, we got to watch Eric Stults pitch while sitting next to the GM who originally drafted him. And Dan is extremely smart, entertaining, friendly.
4. The Angels are apparently never going to lose another game, so the odds are you will get to see them win.

Feel free to rock the Panther when you attend. Sign up, and Sam will see you out there.