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Angels Sign R.J. Alvarez and Ten Other Draft Picks

Angels GM Jerry "JeDi" Dipoto signing young JeDis.....
Angels GM Jerry "JeDi" Dipoto signing young JeDis.....

The Angels wasted little time in getting their top pick in the 2012 draft signed. Relief pitcher R.J. Alvarez out of Florida Atlantic University signed for $416,000 and is expected to receive at least an A-Ball assignment. Angels scouring director Ric Wison told Alden Gonzalez at the Angels team site that Alvarez is close to the bigs and should move through the Angels system faster than a first draft pick might ordinarily advance. He is 21 (older than Mike Trout) and had an extensive collegiate experience.

The Angels did not get a pick in the draft until midway thru the third round. Add in supplemental rounds and the Angels had to wait until pick #114 to make a selection. Having signed Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson, the Angels saw the Cardinals and Rangers get four picks in compensation prior to the Halos getting one. Baseball logic = go to the World Series, get a higher draft pick than clubs near .500 ...whaddevah.

Alvarez was converted into a reliever earlier this season, his junior year. He had 8 saves, with 47 Ks in 37+ IP. He only walked 10 batters and when they did hit off him it was at a .155 batting average.

Alvarez was the most prominent of the eleven players the club signed on Monday.