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New Jersey Devil Mike Trout Beats LA

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Final Score in Chavez Ravine: Angels 3 Dodgers 2

The guy from New Jersey wearing red beat the team from L.A. in Los Angeles. And yet the Kings drink from the Stanley Cup. It was New Jersey native Mike Trout wearing visitor's red in Los Angeles who was responsible for each of the three runs the Angels scored Monday night to beat the Dodgers. And so, the two TRUE, BORN IN L.A teams (the Kings and the Angels) won tonight while Joisey and Brooklyn were rightfully dismissed from the desert to the sea to all of Southern California to see.


Trout hit a solo HR, drove in a run and scored on a single in the ninth inning after walking and stealing a bag to make a winner out of Jason Isringhausen in case you still don't laugh at the thought of pitching Wins meaning anything.

The four hour tightrope walk in the shadow of the Staples Center hosting a Stanley Cup championship turned into Trout squeezing that final out in his glove in Left Field to give Ernesto Frieri his fifth and so far most "nervous" Save. Hisanori Takahashi and LaTroy Hawkins also contributed to the Halo Bullpen's 4 shutout innings.

Garrett Richards, filling in for Jered Weaver and his back spasm, made the stupidest throwing error in baseball history to plate one of two runs he allowed in the first inning but settled down and threw five strong frames, performing way better than Ervin Santana has of late in case the possibility of a six man rotation lingers in the ever-improvisational mind of Mike Scioscia, the subject of tomorrow's bobblehead bribe giveaway at the stadium built on land stolen from the good folks of Chavez Ravine.

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