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Is Jerome Williams Angels Fourth Starter?

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Comparing the numbers between Jerome WIlliams and Ervin Santana clearly put Williams as the team's #4 starter. With the introduction of Garrett Richards to the atmosphere of two marine-layer-laden pitchers' parks, it could be argue that the rookie himself is already the best pitcher on the staff not named Jered Weaver, C.J. Wilson or Dan Haren. Here is my take...

Much is predicated on what the Mike Scioscia will do once Weaver is recalled to pitch in Anaheim, which may be as soon as June 15. The recent promotion of reliever David Pauley may portend a six-man rotation for the Weave's first swing thru the rotation as Pauley is the likely candidate for demotion now once Weaver is recalled (see the AF_Halofan FanShot about it all). Santana and Richards might loom as long-men for the following Williams start then.

In a season that has seen Scioscia abandon preconceived player roles more than all of his prior managing seasons combined, a six man rotation or inserting spot starters based on the weather might still be a stretch, but once a guy is on winning streak, change itself becomes the lucky rabbit's foot to keep the winning going.