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Aybar and Callaspo Solo Angels Homers Beat Dodgers 2-1

Rarer than a perfect game...
Rarer than a perfect game...

Final Score in Chavez Ravine: Angels 2, Dodgers 1

The Angels big bats were the difference in a close, low-scoring game with many men left on base. Except that the big bats tonight were not the big batters who have carried the Halos back into the division race. The big batters of late stunk at the plate. It was the afterthought batters Alberto Callaspo and Erick Aybar, guys who are in the game for their gloves, who hit solo homers, Callaspo in the second inning to even the score at one apiece and Aybar in the ninth to break the tie that had lasted all that time.

C.J. Wilson pitched 7 innings of 1-Run ball, allowing 4 Hits and 5 Walks. LaTroy Hawkins was the pitcher of record after throwing a scoreless 8th inning and got the W as the Angels took the lead for good in their final frame. Ernesto Frieri recorded the save but it was the most nerve-wracking of his Angels career so far, stranding two baserunners at 3B after having pickled out a base runner headed home from 3B.

Terrible batting by Angels regulars left many men on base throughout the game when they were not grounding into double plays and petering out of innings that had started with promise. Albert Pujols, Mark Trumbo and Howie Kendrick each left 2 men on base and Pujols grounded into a double play. Aybar was set to be the goat of the game with a GIDP with the bases loaded and nobody out on the first pitch of his AB against a suddenly wild Dodgers pitcher.

His redemption may be short lived, but it delivered a game in the standings for his team as well as the suddenly perfect Giants chasing the LA Blueberries. Ironically, Matt Cain is slated to make his next start Monday night in Anaheim. Will the ghost of Jonny Vander Meer be there to help the Halos hit? Stay tuned!