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Angels Shut Out as Dan Haren Giftwraps W for Snakes

Kelsey Smith sings: <em>TURN OUT THE LIGHTS... THE PARTY'S OVER...</em>
Kelsey Smith sings: TURN OUT THE LIGHTS... THE PARTY'S OVER...

Final Score in Anaheim: Diamondbacks 5 Angels 0

In the fifth inning, D-Backs batter Miguel Montero was up. The lefthander stepped into the box and the FSN West cameras zoomed in on him. Behind him in the crowd, an Angel Stadium usher had walked down the steps of the aisle close to the first base side Diamondbacks dugout. At about the third row, the usher stopped and turned toward the plate. He put his hand on the arm rest of the aisle seat and knelt down. He peered down the row and made eye contact with someone and began a conversation. Then the cameras cut away to the game and the most interesting thing happening at the stadium tonight was lost in exchange for broadcasting the events of a miserable baseball game, pitch by pitch captured to crush our souls and extinguish our spirits.

Dan Haren faced his former team for the first time since they traded him. He was terrible. His ERA+ for the season hovers at the mediocre 100 level. Mike Trout was 0 for 4 and left 3 men on base. Erick Aybar hit a booming double and Howie Kendrick had a single with nobody on late in the game when the Angels were down by five runs and there were already two outs. When it was early and close and two runners were on with two outs he grounded out. Hit it Mike Ness: Story of my life ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh Story of my life....