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Metrolink Discusses Angels Train Delays • Monday HaloLinks


Big news after Sundays Game is Hank Conger being sent back to Salt Lake now that Bobby Wilson has finished his rest and rehab from a concussion scare. DISCUSSION HERE.

UPDATE for those of you taking the Angels Express train to Angels games... Delana Gbenekama in the Metrolink Communications office saw my video from earlier this month decrying Metrolink's lack of information about consistent delays in their service and phoned me personally to let me know that Metrolink has issued THIS PRESS RELEASE detailing possible delays that train riders may experience. The release gives a vague timeline of "through July" so feel free to contact Halos Heaven with your train service stories. Blast21Dave texted me Friday during his delay and it seemed the same, except of course with press release.

James at the True Grich blog laments being a huge Joe Saunders fan when Joe came to face the Angels in his essay: The Saturday night dilemma... One fun fact from Saturday's game is that Saunders apparently gave Ervin Santana some pregame advice about his recent pitching performances that Ervin incorporated immediately and to good effect.

A great analysis of the Angels Stadium experience is at the Harness the Halo blog: 5 Ways to Improve the Angels' Fan Experience. If the Angels are like Metrolink, expect a phone call, fellas.

A short story at the end of Rob's Friday Game Analysis reveals that Angels reliever LaTroy Hawkins speaks French. Sacre bleu!

We saw the new-life Bobby Abreu when the Angels faced the Dodgers. The Monkey with a Halo blog points out: Bobby Abreu and the Angels both got what they wanted.

After Saunders and Abreu, the Angels in Order blog has a discussion of a former World Series MVP who played for the Angels for two years: Angels Debut #113 Lou Burdette

Tonight is the big night in the Rookie Pioneer League. The coolest baseball uniforms in all of professional ball will be back on the field when the Angels farm team the Orem Owlz open their season. Here is the Orem Owlz Team Roster. They feature two players taken early by the Angels in the 2012 draft earlier this month: Fifth round righty Mark Sappington and eighth round draft pick Austin Adams, also a pitcher. Both are older than Mike Trout, by the way.

Whatever happened to our minor league prospect Jean Segura? He is with the AA Arkansas Travellers and the Texas League columnist for Minor League Ball caught up with him: Texas notes: Segura getting his games. Quote form the article: Jean Segura had a scary moment when a fastball ricocheted off his helmet, but the Travs shortstop was back in the lineup the next day.