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Jerome Williams Tweets He's Feeling Better

Peabo back in the lineup...
Peabo back in the lineup...
THE LINEUP For Monday - featuring Barry Zito versus C.J. Wilson on the mound

Mike Trout (LF), Torii Hunter (RF), Albert Pujols, (1B) Mark Trumbo (DH),
Howie Kendrick (2B), Alberto Callaspo (3B), Erick Aybar (SS), Peter Bourjos (CF), John Hester (C)

ANALYSIS: No slumping Kendry against a lefty but still faith in Torii's extended two-hole stay. Howie stunk batting second early this year but never had the luxury of hitting after the Trout. Meanwhile Scioscia aborts the Bobby Wilson comeback after that terrible outing last night.

WILLIAMS TWEETING WELL reporter Alden Gonzalez has an extended analysis of hospitalized Angels pitcher Jerome Williams tweeting that he is feeling better. Although Alden has on-field and press box access, he does not appear to have set foot into UC Irvine to look at the patient himself, who left the stadium last night after feeling faint and being short of breath in the trainer's room after a 74-pitch outing.

Alden reposted two of Williams' tweets:

  • Wanted to let everyone know that I’m feeling better. Gonna get some rest so I can be back on that mound competing again.
  • Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. #Angelsfamily.

Alden then he added a quote from Torii's postgame interview last night expressing concern about Jerome's situation to fill out the account, but other than me aggregating him, he just pulled all that together blogger style - but what are the odds he did it wearing pajamas in his mom's basement?