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Angels Building Mike Trout Momentum

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Here is my analysis of the impact that Mike Trout and Ernesto Frieri are having on the Angels and the difference it is making.

Is it just a matter of things working themselves out, small sample sizes of poor play on our part and over-the-head play of our rival to start our mutual seasons, or is there something fundamentally different about the club that gutted out a victory Friday night?

AL West Standings

Texas 31 21 .603 0 Lost 3
Los Angeles 27 26 .509 4.5 Won 1
Seattle 23 31 .425 9.5 Lost 1
Oakland 22 30 .423 9.5 Lost 9

(updated 6.2.2012 at 1:56 AM PDT)

The Angels are 9-2 since Vernon Wells was placed on the disabled list. There can be no disputing the numbers, small sample sized be damned. The need for this club to move forward in spite of prior terrible contract commitments was clamored for on this blog. Now that fate has delivered us our wish the evidence that our dreams matched fact there can be no excusing anything less than maintaining our every granted wish.