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Wednesday Halolinks: Mike Trout Rocks and Albert Pujols Homers...Deal With It

Torii thought bubble:  Ahh, boys will be boys.
Torii thought bubble: Ahh, boys will be boys.

I call my 6-year old "Crabby Abby" when she's in a bad mood. Today's links are brought to you by "Crabby Abby, Sr":

  • It's hard to be in a bad mood after reading happy-crap like this: San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Angels - June 19, 2012 - "Pujols was asked what impresses him most about the 20-year-old Trout. "How humble he is," the Angels first baseman responded. "No matter the success he has, the kid just comes and plays. And part of that, too, is he doesn't have pressure. He comes here, he plays around, and he acts like a veteran guy, and that's something that the veteran guys allow him to do. He belongs here, he knows that, and I think that's something that's really important to him. He's just going out there and playing, enjoying it, having fun." Pujols sounds like a proud father in the previous, and following quotes, "Trumbo is now batting .345 with 10 homers over his last 22 games, his 47 RBIs ranking fifth in the AL and his .326 batting average sitting fourth." "He has some amazing power," Pujols beamed. "But one good thing from him is he knows he can hit the ball from right field to left field. He doesn't have to pull the ball all the time."
  • I think it was last week when I wrote about checking the leaderboards. Maybe it was two weeks ago, I don't care, go look it up. Regardless, now we've got a reason to check them daily: Pujols, Trumbo, Trout batter Giants for 12 runs - Yahoo! Sports. "Trout went 4 for 4 with a walk and scored four runs while getting enough plate appearances to move into the AL batting title race at .337, trailing only Chicago's Paul Konerko." Oh, and then there was this, "The rookie led off the first and second innings with doubles, and Pujols drove him home both times - the 15th and 16th times that has happened since May 1."
  • I was going to use the following quote as today's "Say What, Mike", but then realized, it's actually kind of cool: Giants-Angels Preview - FOX Sports. "We didn't want him to waste bullets in the minor leagues,'' manager Mike Scioscia said. It's almost like Weaver is some sort of fricking old-west gunslinger! Yee-haaaaa! But then Weaver chimes in with this, "It's very exciting,'' said Weaver, who's 4-0 with a 0.83 ERA in five home starts. "It feels like it's been three months instead of a little over 15 days. I've worked real hard on getting that thing taken care of, and the training staff has done a great job to get me back.'' Zzzzzzzzz. Hey, here's a picture I made:

    Wait, that's not it. Here it is:


  • Sounds like Jerome Williams is getting better: Williams 'better,' but Angels don't know when he'll return - The Orange County Register. "According to an Angels official, Williams was expected to be released from the hospital Tuesday but would return for more tests on Wednesday. No further details were given about Williams' condition or possible health issues." I don't know, maybe it's my mood causing me to think this way, but maybe Williams should spend more time on the treadmill rather than fighting with dumbass douchebag rednecks on Twitter. Also, milk is always a bad choice on a hot day.
  • And in case Williams' condition is more serious, in which case, I take back the Treadmill/Twitter comment, there's this guy ready to make you forget there was a guy named Jerome in the rotation: Angels await test results on Williams - Yahoo! Sports. "Rookie Garrett Richards has pitched well in a three-start cameo during Weaver's time on the DL. Richards might stick around longer now with Williams' return uncertain. "We're not going to make any decisions until we find out exactly where Jerome is," Scioscia said Tuesday. "Certainly if he's out for a while, it's going to make some decisions for you."
  • I thought that was how it's supposed to work? Is Mike Trout among the AL's elite? - ESPN Los Angeles. "It's just something that we're not accustomed to," Wilson said. "As starting pitchers over here, typically in our games, we score four or five runs and we're like, 'Yes,' you know? Trout was on base every time, Albert drove him in just about every time and Trumbo drove them both in." Get in, get on, get off, get out.
  • The official MLB site has a daily post with 4 or 5 quick news stories. You've probably seen my links to them before...if not, what the hell are you looking at? So, following the Morales story and whatever other crap posted, someone added this tidbit: Morales trying to heat up amid limited time - News. "Outfielder Ryan Langerhans (separated right shoulder) has begun a rehab assignment with Triple-A Salt Lake." A rehab assignment at his home park? Is that something like house arrest?? Oh, and before you go all, "But Wi, Langerhans was on the major league roster when he got hurt". I KNOW THAT. I'm making a fricking joke! I needed a reason to type "HOUSE ARREST"!
  • I have a lot of pet peeves. So many in fact, my pet peeves are starting to become one of my pet peeves. Anyway (by the way, it's "anyway", not "anyways". Another peeve), I hate it when they (you know "they") use a question as a headline, and then NEVER ANSWER THE QUESTION! W...T...F...What Is Kevin Youkilis Worth? - FanGraphs Baseball. "Youkilis has been so bad offensively, that his wRC+ is just 74. In other words, he’s been 26% worse than the average hitter this season. For comparison, that puts him in the same company as Alberto Callaspo and Sean Rodriguez." And why do "they" have to bag on current and former Angels when highlighting how crappy someone is doing?? Anyway(!), I read this post and then re-scanned over it looking for the answer to how much is Youk worth. Couldn't find it.
  • Next stop, Skeeball at Chuck E. Cheese! Scott Kazmir is playing for the Sugarland Skeeters now - HardballTalk. "Ken Rosenthal of reports that the two-time All-Star–who’s still just 29 years old–has agreed to a deal with the independent league Sugarland Skeeters. Apparently they play in Houston, which is where Kazmir is from."
  • Look, I'm kinda tired of doing all this work for you. Click this link and read the story: Dept. of Corrections - Hot Corner - Baseball Nation. You'll have to click a couple other links to get the entire gist, but deal with it.
  • Joel Peralta Ejected Due To Foreign Substance - Baseball Nation. "Davey Johnson came out of the Nationals' dugout and asked the umpires to inspect Peralta's glove. The umpires inspected Peralta's glove, confiscated it, and ejected him from the game." You know what Peralta should of said, "Hey Davey, wanna inspect my jock too. I'm sure there's something in there for you!" That would've been cool. Also, what kind of grown man goes by the name "Davey"?